UL Journalism students excel in their first live news day as video documents their remote working process

  • UL Journalism students first live news day

Limerick Voice is celebrating the success of it’s first live newsday, with their team delivering live and local news to Limerick from 1pm to 9pm. This was their first ever live news day with articles produced every half hour for the Limerick community. The UL journalism 4th year and Masters students utilised social media platforms to share their coverage of news, sports, health, and politics. The Limerick Voice team practiced social distancing in their live news coverage as reporters were in 12 different locations across 3 continents.

UL journalism lecturer Kathryn Hayes said: “Working to rapid deadlines, the Limerick Voice Live newsday event is an ideal opportunity for trainee journalists to put their time management skills into practice, and develop remote interviewing and reporting skills, which is particularly important as they prepare to enter the fast paced workplace.”

The Limerick Voice 2020 team lived up to their mission statement “When Limerick speaks, we listen” as they distributed news for their community throughout the day. The team produced 20 stories in 8 hours across written, visual, and aural mediums. The traffic across social media platforms amounted to 17,000 Twitter impressions, 359 likes, and 151 shares / retweets. The hashtag #LimerickVoiceLive climbed its way to the number one trending spot in Ireland directing views to the Limerick Voice news site and broadening its reach.

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