New Craft and Gardening Market At Potato Market during Covid Restrictions

  • Potato Market Poster

The Limerick Milk Market have announced a new Market at the Potato Market starting this Saturday 18th July 2020 in response to Covid restrictions and physical distancing. Some of the Craft and Gardening Stalls you know and love will commence trading in the large open space at the Potato Market over the summer from 11am to 4pm Saturdays.

There will be a temporary transfer of 9 stalls starting on a trial and phased basis the 18th July focusing on Crafts & Gardening to begin with; from 11am to 4pm Saturdays at the Merchants Quay venue with a range of Jewellery by Virgo, Locally Made Candles by The Irish Candler, Plants and Flowers by White Dove, Hand carved Wood Crafts by Thin Line, Kids Crafts & Custom Face coverings by Wylde Ways, Vinyl Records by Doc, Handbags & accessories by AnTara Trading, Clothes by Clair Vintage and the existing Abbey River Coffee Kiosk will be open on Saturdays to enjoy some refreshing hot drinks while browsing.

The Gates at the Potato Market will be closed to vehicle traffic on Saturdays for the duration of the day with access to pedestrians only from the Entry and Exit Gates. All other gates including the Footbridge will be closed Saturdays to facilitate safe crowd control and numbers entering and exiting the venue via the main entry & exit gates.

Staff will be wearing protective masks (non-surgical) in line with new government guidelines and other appropriate PPE and staff protocols. We ask that people please follow HSE guidelines on 2 metre distancing, hand washing, face coverings were possible and remain at home if you feel unwell, contacting your GP by phone.

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