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Down Syndrome Limerick are delighted to have recently received the Creative Ireland Made in Ireland Grant for their 'Lockdown Lookback Project'. This project enables the charity to reconnect with some of their members that were cocooning due to Covid-19.

It enables people with Down syndrome to tell their story. Each participant works with a professional photographer to take a picture of a location or a hobby or task which meant something to them during the Covid-19 pandemic. As part of the project, a photo of the member will also be captured and included along with a bio of the picture to give some background on the member and the reason behind their photo. All the pictures will be printed and displayed (subject to Covid restrictions). There will also be a virtual exhibition compiled that can be shared online and Down Syndrome Limerick have engaged an award-winning videographer to create the virtual gallery. The project is due to be completed by mid October with the exhibition being held in November.

Lockdown Lookback Exhibition - Down Syndrome Limerick

Ellen Tuffy, Chairperson of Down Syndrome Limerick said, "People with intellectual disabilities have suffered as a result of the pandemic – isolation, lack of services, lack of supports, as well as missing regular social activities and friends. During Covid-19, everyone was trying to engage with various activities to keep to a routine, occupy their time and look after their mental wellbeing. We want to allow our members with Down syndrome the opportunity to share how they have spent their time during the pandemic. Very often people with disabilities are not seen or not heard. We wish to empower our members by supporting them, giving them a voice and showcasing them and their talents to the wider community. It will also encourage our members to try new things and continue to learn and be creative throughout their lifetime. It is a great project and we are very grateful to Limerick City and County Council and Creative Ireland for the opportunity”.

Down Syndrome Limerick is a local charity based in Castletroy which supports children and adults with Down syndrome. They provide essential therapies such as Speech and Language Therapy and Occupational Therapy, provide training to parents, teachers and SNAs and run adult education programmes that provide adults with Down syndrome with the necessary skills to gain meaningful employment.

More information can be found on the Down Syndrome Limerick website here or on Down Syndrome Limerick social channels: Facebook  I  Instagram  I  Twitter

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