App turns social distancing blues green for St. Patrick's Day

  • Huggnote St Patricks Day

With all of Ireland and much of the world on lockdown this St. Patrick’s Day, we are unable to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in any usual way - with many of us cut off from friends/ loved ones at this special time. However, an app developed by two Irish sisters that turns songs into virtual Huggs is helping people in 205 countries feel all the emotion of a physical hug using the power of music!

Founded by Irish sisters Jacqui and Perry Meskell, Huggnote enables users to send ‘music huggs’ for St. Patrick’s Day or any day - to anyone, anywhere in the world, for FREE! “Nothing uplifts like music so it’s such an easy way to make someone’s day – no matter how far away they are and it’s so simple to use that we have users from age 18 to 80,” says founder Jacqui who came up with the idea when living abroad when a friend of hers was going through a tough time at home. “A song on the radio brought back such happy memories of us I knew it would do the same for her. But there wasn’t any meaningful way to send her the song,” Jacqui says. And so Huggnote was born.

What makes Huggnote different to any other music app is how it perceives music “not as merely a form of entertainment, but a language in itself” says Jacqui. Huggnote curates music by emotion so users can find the perfect song for anything they wish to express and send it to anyone, anywhere - instantly making their day. “It’s all about the ‘experience," says sister and co-founder Perry. “Music releases the same happy hormones as a physical hug. Plus it’s extremely emotional and a powerful re-kindler of memories. So when you combine that with a heartfelt message, it’s very special to receive. Many users tell us how they were moved to tears by their hugg,” she says.

The app, which grew 2000% in 2020 is clearly striking a chord with users during the Coronavirus pandemic. “We’re so happy that our app can help to bring comfort and support and help people feel that though apart – they are still very much connected, wherever in the world they are. And of course music has always been such an important part of Paddy’s Day celebrations and there’s no reason” says Jacqui. “We marched in the NYC parade pre-Covid” says Perry, “so for us too this year it feels really strange – but we know that Paddy’s Day isn’t so much about where we are but who we are! Though the parades are cancelled there’s still so much cause to celebrate what being Irish means!” says Perry. “So sending a hugg is also a really easy but meaningful way to reach out to someone and show them a little love. Because sometimes a small gesture can make all the difference.”

There are lots of Irish anthems to choose from – and lots more themes besides, including ‘Here for You’, ‘I Love You’ and ‘I Miss You’ and of course some fun ones too. Just go to, select your theme, your song and add your personalized message and send via text or messenger app. “It takes mere seconds to have a meaningful impact on everyone you love”. Music to anyone’s ears!

To send a Paddy’s Day Hugg to friends/ family for free go to

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