Student Profile:Lisa Barry

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Photography by: Lisa Barry

What College Course Are You Studying?

At the moment I’m studying Fashion Industry Essentials online with Parsons New York and Teen Vogue. It’s a collaborative course between one of the top art schools in the world and one of my favourite magazines.

Do You Think It Is More Difficult To Apply Yourself To An Online Course In Comparison To The Traditional College Structure?

In a way I feel it is more difficult because you don’t have a set routine unless you plan one for yourself. However, it is way more practical for someone who may not be able to travel far or afford the expenses of college life at the time. I work part time so studying online makes it much easier for me to manage both. I am saving for future plans while also learning more about my passion!

What Do You Find Are The Biggest Differences Between Studying Online And In Person?

Last year I studied Fashion Design and Retail at LCFE so when comparing that to my course online right now, there are pros and cons for both courses. The biggest difference is in an actual classroom you can interact more with your teacher and other students, but when studying online it is harder to get an opinion or different perspective on your work.

What Is The Most Enjoyable Aspect Of This Course?

The most enjoyable aspect of the course is learning from top industry professionals and even other fashion students. You can view videos with the likes of Amy Astley, the Editor of Teen Vogue Magazine and also designers such as Rebecca Minkoff and Brandon Maxwell. They share their knowledge and experiences within the fashion industry, which really helps you get a better understanding of what it takes to work in fashion, what you will have to sacrifice and what you will have to work on in order to make it in this very competitive industry.

Describe A Typical College Day For You?

I can’t necessarily describe a typical day because with the online course that I am doing, each day is completely different! One day I’ll be creating mood boards on Pinterest and then from that board I would have to create a photo or outfit inspired by pictures on the board, so I pop out the camera and tripod and get snapping. The next day I could be designing a bag, another day I would be wandering in and out of shops trend hunting. I really enjoy all the different aspects of this course because it keeps throwing out new challenges, which I have to figure out on my own. The best bit is seeing the outcome and what I’ve learned from each assignment.


You Have A YouTube Channel With Over 2000 Subscribers, What Made You Start Filming Videos Initially?

I started YouTube back in October of 2014 – hard to think it was nearly two years ago! I followed a lot of YouTubers at the time and I felt like this could be something I would be great at. I bought myself a new laptop, camera and studio lights, set up a little corner in my room, made it look all Tumblr while the other side of my room was a mess, and I spoke to a camera about fashion, my aspirations and outfit looks I create. After a while I started to get some nice feedback and also made a few friends through YouTube.

Do You Feel Social Media Is A Help Or A Hindrance In Trying To Pursue A Career In Fashion?

I feel social media is the best help for someone who wants to create a platform for a fashion career. It allows you to display your own visual style to the whole world. You can connect to like-minded people and collaborate with different brands and creators. A lot of people give out about social media, however I feel they aren’t looking at the bigger picture and the opportunities social media can bring to someone who wants to pursue a career in fashion.

Is There Anything Else You Would Like To Add?

Yes there is! I just want to say that going into a full time college course isn’t for everyone and that’s okay. A lot of people feel like they have to go straight to college when they finish the leaving cert but that’s not the case. If you want to travel the world or get some work experience in the area you’re interested in first, do it! I think getting hands on experience in the working world allows you to make a better decision with what you want to pursue. There is no need to rush, don’t fret and eventually something will come your way!

Article by: Katie O’Brien
Photography by: Lisa Barry

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