Student Profile: Nessa Dinneen

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What college course are you studying?

I’m studying Digital Media Design and I am currently in my third year.

Have you always been intent on studying Digital Media Design?

No actually, it was a decision I came to only at the very beginning of sixth year, which incidentally worked out well for me because that fell around the same time the open days and taster courses were going on. I fell in love with UL quickly after that and knew that this was where I was going to be spending the next four years of my life. That was before years of panicking over what I’ll do as a career, the pressure starting mounting early on in sixth year. I considered Accounting and Psychology for a good bit, both of which seem completely bizarre ideas to me now.

What’s your favourite thing about your course?

The fact that it is so broad, which is also one of my least favourite things. Digital Media Design is great because you get to dabble in many different aspects of digital media interaction design, web design, app design, product design, programming, audio, video – the list goes on! But the downside is when I graduate I fear I won’t be qualified in what I actually want to do. I’m not worried about this though because I know if I love something, I’ll find out a way to do it!

What’s your favourite thing about UL?

The campus. UL is the only self-contained university in Ireland and I love it for that. Sometimes I feel like I’m living in this little dream world created just for students. I met my best friends here and I get to live and be with them every single day and I have UL to thank. You’ll drag me out of here kicking in screaming in a year and a half, believe me.

Do you find it hard to balance college work along with hosting your radio show on UL FM?

Not at all! If anything it’s a de-stresser. My sister and I are only on once a week. The show is called “Everything but the Kitchen Sink” is to indicate the fact that we talk about absolutely everything and anything. Eimear and I come up with topics on air based on the week’s events and take it from there. We bounce off of each other (knowing each other so well) so it think it works really nicely. We just have lots of fun on air and don’t take ourselves too seriously.

How was your experience doing your work placement at Capital FM in London?

It was incredible! Capital FM is owned by a big media and entertainment company called Global who parent many other brands. My internship in Capital TV was probably one of the best experiences of my life. Besides doing small everyday tasks for the channel, I also got to work on scripts for feature shows, help out during shoots and interviews and I was taught how the studios work.

The highlight was doing a Halloween themed show for Heart FM where it was my job to put on a scary costume, hide in a coffin and jump out at unsuspecting radio presenters! Sadly, this did not include Emma Bunton but you can’t have it all.

What are you plans post college?

I don’t have any concrete plans yet but I do know that I want to be involved in videography. I’m thinking television at the moment as following conversations with people in the business over in London it comes across as an enjoyable industry to work in.

I’ve also considered going into radio following my work placement at Global. To achieve this I feel I may have to do a postgrad in broadcasting, or I might go abroad to get more experience to at least tick a few countries off my bucket list! I don’t want to get tied down to one place as soon as I graduate so hopefully if I’m lucky I’ll get to do what I love and see the world!

Article by: Orla Dallman

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