Learning Facts & Figures

There's no place like Limerick for your college experience.

Learning in Limerick

  • World renowned educational institutions
  • A diverse city, home to more than 150 nationalities with 10% of the population coming from across the EU
  • Young and dynamic. More than 24,000 student population, including international students from more than 100 countries
  • Future-proof. More than 6,000 graduates each year
  • Education matters to us. Limerick is a UNESCO City of Learning since 2017
  • A vibrant, cultural city with more than 110 festivals, 9 museums, 8 theatres and 3 cinemas
  • Sustainability is at our core. Limerick is developing into Ireland’s leading carbon neutral economy
  • An affordable city, with a higher purchasing power for students in comparison to other Irish cities
  • Areas of expertise and cutting edge courses in areas including AI and Machine Learning, Immersive Software Engineering and Media and the Creative Arts

Keeping an eye on the future

Limerick is a strong and growing city with a work environment that allows you to fulfil your potential:

Limerick has a dynamic labour market

  • +2000 jobs growth in the last decade
  • Disposable incomes higher than the national average
  • Top 10 city to invest in Europe (FDi Magazine)
  • Dell, Analog, Bosch, Uber, Johnsons & Johnson, Lilly, GM and Northern Trust call Limerick home

A booming startup ecosystem

  • 174 new startups since 2022
  • Financial supports, grants and access to business networks and support organisations are all available
  • Innovate Limerick, Local Enterprise Office, Engine Hubs, IDA Mid-West Office all based here to support new business

Fulfilling careers in growth industries: 

  • Life Sciences & Healthcare
  • Digital & Technology
  • Financial & Professional
  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Creative & Media Industries

Limerick Student City Prospectus

Our comprehensive guide captures the essence of Limerick as a vibrant, future-focused city, offering prospective students a unique and enriching college experience.

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Farouk Alao from Limerick School of Art and Design. Photo: Sean Curtin