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A walking tour through one of Ireland’s best preserved medieval towns. We tell 1,400 years of history, through stories of Battles, Rebellion, Treachery, Gaelic Poets & Duels to the Death! & all told amongst Kilmallock’s great Castles, Monasteries & Fortifications.

Kilmallock in Co.Limerick is one of Ireland’s best preserved medieval towns. Set within the ballyhoura landscape, it is a hidden gem just waiting to be discovered.

Kilmallock was once the capital of a great medieval lordship, The Earl’s of Desmond had reigned for two & a half centuries. Kilmallock was at the heart of their power & the town grew prosperous, wealthy & powerful.

Huge stone mansions lined its streets, great churches called the people to prayer & imposing fortifications were built to protect the townsfolk & their wealth.This was not to last though. For as the Earls grew more powerful, the English Tudor Queen Elizabeth sought to to curb their aspirations.

A decade long rebellion followed whereby the whole of Munster was laid waste, leaving nothing but ash & bone. The Earl’s entire dynasty was annihilated & their capital town of Kilmallock was burned & pillaged of its wealth, becoming “An abode of wolves” for many years after. It’s power broken, buildings in ruins & its illustrious history all but forgotten.

Join me on my tour to hear the exciting stories of this rebellion, the battles, treachery, corruption & duels to the death, all while walking through the very ruins that witnessed these events.

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King’s Castle, Sarsfield Street, Kilmallock, Co.Limerick

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