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NUMBER15 can offer you an extensive range of the most unusual and desirable Fashion Accessory pieces available on the market today all specifically & exclusively picked for you.

We are constantly traveling around the world sourcing new products & ideas to delight and excite you, striving at all times to update and improve on our ranges. Our staff are a vertible mindful of Information on any aspect of Accessorizing and Styling but our biggest asset is our ability to up-date your look into something unique to you at very little cost. 

As a growing business we pride ourselves on our Honesty, to us you are a representative of what NUMBER15 is all about so we have to get it right first time! 

So why not take some time out and visit us personally, we would so love to see you!!

Limerick City

15 Anne Street,

Opening Hours

Tuesday to Saturday 10:00am to 5:30pm

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