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O’Mahony’s aim to be the most efficient and effective bookselling operation in Ireland. To achieve this goal the company believes the delivery of quality service, regardless of shape, size or complexity as the primary path towards achieving meaningful success.

With over 17,000sq.ft. of retail space in the centre of Limerick O’Mahony’s is one of the largest independent bookshop in the country. O’Mahony’s prides itself in having a pleasing environment in which to work and shop, and in presenting a wide selection of stock with over 100,000 titles available in all book categories, local, national, international, educational and academic.

The primary and secondary schoolbook section serves students, parents and teachers with a wide range of resource materials. Also stocked are cards, gifts, and stationery. There is a separate library and corporate supply area with dedicated stock, service and reception space.

Limerick City

120 O'Connell St


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Opening Hours

Monday 9a.m.–5:45p.m.

Tuesday 9a.m.–5:45p.m.

Wednesday 9a.m.–5:45p.m.

Thursday 9a.m.–5:45p.m.

Friday 9a.m.–5:45p.m.

Saturday 9a.m.–5:45p.m.

Sunday 1–5:15p.m.