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The Copper Room is Limerick's premier wine, cheese and port house.

The Copper Room is Limerick’s premier cheese, wine and port house. 

We like cheese. We really like cheese, we really like wine and we really like port. A lot.

Our philosophy is simple: We want to share our passion for cheese, wine and port with the people of Limerick. We have an amazing selection of various local and international cheeses, patés and meats that can be paired with complimentary wines, or ports and accoutrements to ensure that each visit is a culinary delight. 

We incorporate various seasonal ingredients to compose the perfect condiments, including a variety of chutneys, pickles, and pestos served with a selection of rustic breads and crackers.

We also have an eclectic and extensive selection of beer for those who rather that than a grape tipple. Ask our staff about what cheese compliments what wine or simply experiment by yourself!

Enjoy a glass of wine, with a cheese board, while savouring our unique atmosphere in candlelight in our underground caverns that formed part of the original Roches Hanging Gardens.

Limerick City

100 O'Connell Street, Limerick

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Opening Hours

Monday: 5pm to 12.30am
Wednesday and Thursday: 5pm to 12.30am
Friday & Saturday: 5pm to 1.30am
Sunday: 5pm to 12am

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