The Stormy Teacup

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  • Hot Chocolates at The Stormy Teacup Limerick
  • Stormy Teacup
  • Stormy Teacup
  • Stormy Teacup
  • Stormy Teacup

An alternative tea and coffee shop in Fox's Bow, a place that is a haven for book and craft lovers alike.

A quirky tea and coffee shop by day, an electric venue by night.

Tucked away on Foxes Bow, The Stormy Teacup serves over 50 100% fairtrade and organic loose-leaf teas, and multi award winning, locally roasted coffee. Top this off with an extensive hot chocolate menu and delicious homemade treats, The Stormy Teacup has become a favorite cafe for most, since reopening under the new ownership of 19 year old Limerick native Adam Reeves in November 2015.

A mix of great products, music, venue and atmosphere (and a healthy mix of boardgames to boot) has made The Stormy Teacup the unique cafe and venue in Limerick City.

Limerick City

The Stormy Teacup, Fox's Bow, Limerick

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