Belonging Exhibition

Belonging explores the place of Limerick in the European Union and Europe’s place in Limerick.

It is a Limerick wide exhibition featuring 82 works by artists from all 27 EU Member States and the UK. The works are on loan from the European Investment Bank (EIB) Art Collection. Spread across eight locations in the city, the exhibition is the centrepiece of the European Expo.

Wow| Mircea Suciu | 2007 | European Investment Bank | © Mircea Suciu
Wow| Mircea Suciu | 2007 | European Investment Bank | © Mircea Suciu

What does it mean to belong? This question has been discussed, debated and explored in the arts for milenia and has become more pertinent in today’s fast-changing political and social landscape. Divisive political events like Brexit have led many to reconsider what it means to belong to their city, country and Europe at a time when the pandemic aftermath foregrounds the importance of collaboration and community. 

A sense of belonging is fundamental to the founding idea of the European Union. The show asserts art’s social function. Better understanding  of 'belonging' through art can only strengthen us as individuals sharing a European culture, society and economy.

The President of the European Investment Bank is visiting Limerick for the launch of Belonging under the European Expo, emphasising the importance of culture and art to the European project.

For more information about Belonging Exhibition taking place from Thursday 10th February until 24th April across eight locations in Limerick City, click here.

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Watch Belonging Exhibition Launch

The online launch of Belonging exhibition will took place on Thursday 10th February 2022 at UL Inner City Campus (or Citizen Observatory), The Sailor's Home and St. Mary's Cathedral. The launch events took place in-person and online and are available to watch below.

University of Limerick

Exhibition launch by President of University of Limerick Prof Kerstin Mey, followed by two panel discussion.

St. Mary's Cathedral

Welcome to the City by Mayor Daniel Butler. 
Key note speech by President Hoyer - Europe’s place in the World and how city regions should thrive, followed by a panel discussion “Limerick’s place in Europe and the meaning of a European Embrace”.