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Diana’s Swim Academy are a leading Swim Teaching and Coaching Academy based in Limerick, Ireland.

We are dedicated solely to providing expert swimming classes for babies, toddlers, children & adults. Whether the goal is to learn to swim, get fit & healthy, perfect techniques, increase speed or simply have fun in the water, Diana’s Swim Academy offers a safe swimming experience that is encouraging, flexible & creative.

Swim Camps is one of the fastest way to learn swimming!

Diana’s Swim Academy Children Swim Camps start with from complete beginners up to competitive level. We also teach in small groups from 3.5yrs upwards, coaching in vital life-saving skills of swimming, while also promoting safety, fitness & fun.

Swim Camps is one of the fastest way to learn swimming!

Swimming lessons every day in the water speeds up the learning progress.

Planet Health Club

  • Please see here for current camp dates.

Sessions between 3pm & 7pm.

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Limerick City

Planet Health Club, Unit 10, Childers Retail Park, Childers Rd, Limerick

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