Limerick 2020 Appoints New Canine Curator

  • Limerick 2020 Canine Curator

Limerick, candidate city for European Capital of Culture 2020, has announced that it has appointed a new Canine Curator to its bid team. 

The Canine Curator is a key position in the bid to re-imagine Limerick and widen access and participation in culture raising the city’s European and international profile as a result. 

Nelly, a female Jack Russell, was unveiled as Limerick’s first Canine Curator, today Friday, 1st April 2016. 

The popular pooch has many years experience with Ormston House in Limerick city as a curator of contemporary art. Her role at Culture House, the headquarters of Limerick 2020, will be in a welcoming capacity as an ambassador for four legged friends across Limerick, Ireland and Europe. 

Director of Limerick 2020, Mike Fitzpatrick said he was ‘pawsitively delighted’ to welcome Nelly on board and that her focus for the summer months will be to curate a series of walking projects around Limerick city. 

“A round of appaws greeted Nelly’s appointment today, she’ll be a hugely popular addition to the team and her expertise is not to be sniffed at,” he said. “She’s given us all a new leash of life, we just hope she won’t be led astray by the other feisty females in Culture House who may want to pick a bone with her but I’ve been assured that her bark is worse than her bite,” Mr Fitzpatrick said.

Speaking about her appointment and keen nose for culture, Nelly said that she believes in the Limerick 2020 mantra which is about developing the cultural heart of the city in tandem with social and economic regeneration.

“I'm taking this bid very seriously, as someone who was lost and was found in Limerick, I feel it is now time to lift my leg in salute, give back and take a bite at this opportunity to mark my territory”, Nelly explained.  “The Limerick 2020 theme of ‘Multiplicity’ fits well in my world, where every shape, size, gender ethnicity are evident. I know I’ll have ruff days when I’ll be hot under the collar but I’m up for the challenge and excited about the creative pooling of energy, vision, passion and innovation that together we are showing as a people, a city and a region.”



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