Clarina Wheelers Cycling Club

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We are a local cycling club entering our third year organised and run by a small group of friends who want to get other like minded people together to train with.

The mission of Clarina Wheelers Cycling Club is to bring the local cycling community together so that they can learn, ride and train in a safe environment.

We are delighted with the continued support we have received from our members and outsiders alike. 

The aims of these cycles are to:

  • Encourage new members to join Clarina Wheelers CC – open to all abilities
  • They are a great way to stretch your cycling skills and take on a challenge if you’ve not done a longer ride before, or want to get back into cycling.
  • To have a good time with a bunch of great people.
  • Not only can cycling can help you lose weight, but it  can reduce stress as well as improve your fitness.

Cycling is a truly invigorating and liberating experience which can be enjoyed by people of all ages

Why not come along or bring a group of friends and give it a try!


Clarina, Co. Limerick

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