Meet The Professional

Magnus is sitting at his kitchen table with the Copenhagen sunshine streaming in the window, reading about Limerick.

He decided he needs a new challenge and has always wanted to live abroad, and although he knows very little about Ireland’s third city, it has attracted his interest when researching places in Europe to relocate. He even learned that the Vikings founded Limerick; perhaps one of his distant ancestors was there before.

The website has proven to be a great source of information. Magnus is an engineer with a medical device manufacturer and with the region’s strong Life Sciences sector, he is confident of finding employment close by.

Where he could never afford to rent or buy a property in countless other cities, he has checked the prices for central areas like the Georgian Quarter and been pleasantly surprised. In fact, there are lots of nice suburbs within walking distance of the shops, bars and restaurants in the city centre. The initiatives involving Smart Homes are particularly interesting. He loves the idea of knowing what your energy consumption could be before setting foot on the tarmac at Shannon Airport.

Dedicated environmentalist Magnus rarely uses his car (although he is impressed with the lack of traffic congestion) but there are plenty of cycle lanes in Limerick for him to bike to work. Thanks to Open Source data analytics, he can see information on everything from broadband signal strength to safety and to living costs. The local authority open consultation platform, My Point, and the City & County Engage programme, makes it easy for citizens to make suggestions and give feedback; some of the contributions reveal that the people there are witty and warm.

The online events listing convinces him that his cultural interests are well catered for here with galleries, theatres and music venues. He can picture himself frequenting local cafés sampling the fare, strolling around the Milk Market buying groceries and kayaking down the river. He buys a unique coffee blend from the Bean me up, Coffee! online store and smiles when the owner messages him to say thanks.

Clicking his laptop closed, Magnus has decided that Limerick is the next stop along the way in his career, but it might just be the final destination. Limerick is the embodiment of ‘hygge’- the Danish phrase for charming, cosy and special. He can’t wait to experience it in real life.