Denis Brosnan Honoured for Contribution to Limerick

Thursday 11th June 2015: Denis Brosnan received the award of Honorary Life Membership of Limerick Chamber at a business breakfast in Limerick this morning.

Denis Brosnan received the award of Honorary Life Membership of Limerick Chamber at a business breakfast in Limerick this morning.

Mr Brosnan was keynote speaker at the launch of the fifth annual Limerick Chamber Regional Business Awards.  The Honorary Life Membership award was presented to acknowledge his outstanding contribution to the economic development of the region through his tenure as Chair of the Regional Jobs Task Force, the Limerick Re-Organisation Group and now Chair of the Limerick Economic Forum.

Presenting the award Catherine Duffy, President of Limerick Chamber, said “The appointment of Denis Brosnan to chair the Regional Jobs Task Force in 2009 by the then Tánaiste was an inspired choice.  A series of hard hitting reports were produced under this tenure and action was taken, including the idea of a single unitary local government authority for city and county. Today he continues to champion economic development in the region in his role as Chair of the Limerick Economic Forum.  And again recommendations arising under his charge are being implemented.”

His vision, foresight, dedication and leadership skills have brought prosperity and growth to our region. He is a gentleman who has made a real, positive and lasting impact on the commerce of this region,” she continued.

During his keynote address at the awards launch Mr Brosnan said, “The change in the region since 2008 has been transformative but everyone must keep their shoulder to the wheel.  We persuaded government of the structures that needed to change, a unified local authority is now the key driver of economic development and a directorate for economic development is making a difference.” 

Ongoing strategic planning is essential. There are none as impatient as I am, but it is better that we take time to do it right.  There will be no city in Ireland that will be as advanced as Limerick will be in a few years’ time.  The jobs created in this region in two to three years will be unprecedented.

To mark the 200th Anniversary of its founding, Limerick Chamber re-instated the award of Honorary Life Membership to honour persons of distinction who have made a significant contribution to the trade and commerce of Limerick or Limerick Chamber, over and above their normal profession.

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