Executive Engineer - Mid-West National Road Design Office- Closing date 27th October 2020

The Position

Limerick City and County Council is establishing a panel to fill future permanent and temporary vacancies in the Mid-West National Road Design Office by Limerick City and County Council & Tipperary County Council.  

The Person 

1.    Character:
       Candidates shall be of good character.

2.    Health:
    Candidates shall be in a state of health such as would indicate a reasonable prospect of ability to render regular and efficient service.

3.    Education, Training, Experience, Etc.

Candidates shall:

(a)    hold an honours degree (level 8 in the National Framework of Qualifications) in engineering;

(b)    have at least five years satisfactory relevant experience of engineering works including satisfactory experience in civil engineering work;

(c)    possess a high standard of technical training and experience and 

(d)     possess a high standard of administrative experience.


Salary scale: €50,534 - €70,245 dependent on performance and inclusive of long service increments .Payment of increments is dependent on satisfactory performance.
Annual Leave
30 days per annum
Hours of Work
The normal working hours are 37 hours per week
Application Process

Completed application forms must be e-mailed to recruitment@limerick.ie no later than Tuesday, 27th October 2020.  

The Application Form and Briefing Document are also available from Human Resources - Tel: (061) 557124 or E-mail: recruitment@limerick.ie 

An official application form must be completed in full by the closing date for the competition.  Please note that amendments to the application form will not be accepted after the closing date.

Please send your application from an e-mail address that you will review regularly as communication during the assessment/selection period will only be through that e-mail address.