In order to be eligible to discharge to the Bunlicky Wastewater Treatment Plant the following documents must be completed.

  1. Complete the Consent to Import application form.
  2. Any new importers will be required to complete the Health and Safety Contractor Approval Form as detailed in the application form.
    (both froms are available to download in the supporting documents below)
  3. Submit all of the above documentation, accompanied by the €120 non refundable application fee, to the Limerick City and County Council Water Services Department.

The application form and documentation will be evaluated by the Water Services Department and the Plant Operator.  Successful applicants will receive a 'Consent to Import permit' and a fob for entering the plant.

Plant Access and Import Payments

In order to discharge waste to the plant, the importer must purchase the appropriate credit in advance by credit card at the Bunlicky Wastewater Treatment Plant. The importer must, in advance of passing the barrier, deposit the required minimum balance to their account to allow the discharge of waste to occur.

Please Note: Sludges imported from Limerick City and County Council Treatment Plants are exempt from charges provided that such imports are accompanied by signed documented proof of origin.

Failure to comply with any of the above requirements will prevent you from using the Bunlicky Plant to discharge waste.

The current 2014 charges for imports to the Treatment Plant are as follows:

  • Application Fee for the Consent to Import permit (non refundable): €120
  • Imported sludge (cake or liquid form) per cubic metre with a dry solids content of >6%: € 15 excl Vat
  • Imported sewage and suitable waste waters in liquid form per cubic metre with a Dry solids content of < 1%: €10 excl  Vat
  • Imported sewage and suitable waste waters in liquid form per cubic metre with a Dry solids Content of >1% and <6%: € 12 excl Vat
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