Limerick Northern Distributor Road

Clare County Council, in conjunction with Limerick City and County Council, has commenced the planning process to advance the development of the Limerick Northern Distributor Road and associated infrastructure from a location in the vicinity of the eastern end of the proposed Coonagh-Knockalisheen Strategic Route to a tie-in with the R445 (Old N7) in County Limerick.

The scheme will comprise of the design and construction of approximately 10km of a northern distributor road that will include a crossing of the Ardnacrusha Tailrace and the River Shannon, with possible crossings of the Blackwater and Mulkear Rivers.

Need for the Scheme

The need for the scheme was identified in The Limerick Planning, Land Use and Transportation Study for Greater Limerick prepared by Clare County Council, Tipperary North County Council and Limerick City and County Councils. The study identified many strategic issues that required consideration in the future planning of the region including the need for the provision of a northern distributor road around Limerick City and a new bridge crossing over the Shannon to the north of Limerick City.

The Fitzgerald Report Addressing the issues of Social Exclusion in Moyross and other disadvantaged areas of Limerick City (April 2007) has recommended that a distributor road to the north of Limerick City be progressed to develop economic activity and end the isolation of this deprived area.

The various local and county development plans published by Clare County Council and Limerick City and County Councils make provision for the delivery of the proposed road scheme.

Scheme Objectives

The proposed scheme will provide a northern distributor road around Limerick City, improving accessibility to the city from County Clare and relieving pressure on the existing river crossings in the City Centre. The road will provide significant improvement in connectivity between different areas along the northern fringe of the city, allowing people living in residential areas to the east of Limerick to access employment areas in the west of Limerick and vice versa.

The Limerick Northern Distributor Road will promote balanced regional development in Limerick County and South Clare. After delivery of the proposed road it is hoped that economic development will be encouraged as improved access attracts investment to the area.

The fundamental objective of the scheme is, therefore, to provide a transport link between the eastern and western fringes of Limerick City and a link to South County Clare to facilitate economic development in this region.

Publication of the Proposed Variation

A variation has been proposed to the Limerick County Development Plan to incorporate the preferred route corridor for the Limerick Northern Distributor Road.

The proposed variation to the Limerick County Development Plan is on public display from Saturday 25th February 2017 to Monday 27th March 2017. Any submissions or observations with respect to the proposed variation to the Plan, must be made in writing, to the Forward/Strategic Planning Section by close of business on Monday 27th March 2017.

Contact Information

Forward/Strategic Planning Section
Economic Development Directorate
Limerick City and County Council
7/8 Patrick Street


Details of the the variation the the Development Plan and the submission process are available, click here.