List of Site Assessors for Domestic Wastewater Treatment Systems (DWWTS) including Septic Tanks

Site Assessors test sites to determine whether or not they are suitable for a domestic wastewater treatment system or septic tank, and what type of system is most suitable.

Limerick City and County Council maintains a list of site assessors who have:

  • Obtained the Quality and Qualifications Ireland, or FETAC Certificate in Site Suitability Assessment for the on-site wastewater treatment systems
  • Have up to date professional indemnity insurance and have provided evidence of same to Limerick City and County Council
  • Signed up to Limerick City and County Council’s code of professional conduct

This list is open to any person who meets these criteria and who wish to be included on it.

View the list of site assessors in the supporting documents at the end of this page.

Planning applicants may have their site assessed by persons other than those included on the list, but are advised that it is in their best interests to satisfy themselves that their site assessor is appropriately qualified and insured.  

Registration of Domestic Wastewater Treatment Systems (DWWTS) including Septic Tanks

The Water Services (Amendment) Act 2012 requires water services authorities to maintain a register of domestic wastewater treatment systems in their functional areas. The Local Government Management Agency (LGMA) has developed a central on-line registration system and will manage the system on a shared-service basis for the water service authorities.

Under the Act, owners of domestic wastewater treatment systems are required to ensure that their systems are on the register. Your registration will contribute to the protection of Ireland’s ground and surface waters.

All domestic wastewater treatment systems (DWWTSs), including septic tanks should be registered not later than 1st February 2013. All domestic wastewater treatment systems (DWWTSs), including septic tanks installed after 1st February 2013, should register within 90 days of connection of the premises to the domestic wastewater treatment system.

How to Register?

Registration forms can be downloaded from Protect Our Water website here.
Registration fee: €50

Registration forms can also be obtained from Customer Services.

Customer Services
Limerick City and County Council
Phone: +353 61 556000 

Homeowners may register in one of the following ways:

  • Register and pay online, click here.
  • Register and pay by Post by sending your application to:
    Protect our Water
    PO Box 12204
    Dublin 7 

    Please DO NOT send cash by post. 
    Cheques, Bank Draft or Postal Orders should be made out to Protect our Water, PO Box 12204, Dublin 7.
    Debit/credit card details can be entered on the relevant section of the form.
  • Submit completed form and fee to the cash office in your local authority.

For frequently asked questions for the above charge click here.

Septic Tank Inspections

Inspections are being carried out to make sure that domestic wastewater treatment systems (DWWTSs), including septic tanks and treatment plants, do not pose a risk to human health or the environment. Owners of DWWTSs are obliged to properly operate and maintain their systems as required under the Water Services Act, 2007 and Water Services (Amendment) Act 2012.

Septic Tank Infographic

National Inspection Plan

The EPA has produced a National Inspection Plan, as required by the Water Services (Amendment) Act 2012.

The plan outlines the approach to be taken with respect to inspections. The plan sets out a two pronged approach, focusing on raising owner awareness and responsibility, and on the inspection process.


Limerick City and County Council’s inspection target in the next 12 months, under the National Inspection Plan, is 52. The areas where inspections will be carried out are based on environmental risk. The EPA has produced risk maps for the entire country based on the likelihood of pollution or a risk to human health, either through sewage ponding on the ground, or getting into wells. Based on the national priorities Limerick City and County Council identifies properties to be inspected within each risk category at random.

  • Householders will be notified in writing by Limerick City and County Council in advance of an inspection being carried out
  • Only those who have been inspected and fail the inspection may be eligible for the septic tank grant scheme
  • To qualify for the grant you must have had your septic tank inspected by the Local Authority and registered your system by the 1st February 2013 (or within 90 days of connection for those constructed after 1st February 2013).

The owner of a domestic waste water treatment system (including septic tanks)  is responsible for its maintenance and renewal and shall ensure that its parts and components are fit for purpose, operational where appropriate, and kept in good order and repair, so as to prevent a risk to human health or the environment.

It is your responsibility, as a homeowner, to ensure that your wastewater treatment system is regularly serviced and emptied. It must be emptied by a registered waste collection permit holder. For a list of authorised permit holders to de-sludge (empty) your septic tank click here.

For further information, please click the following link for the Department of Housing, Planning & Local Government’s page on Domestic Waste Water Treatment Systems (Septic Tanks) which includes information on financial assistance in the form of grants available.