Living City Initiative Limerick

The Living City Initiative is a scheme of property tax incentives designed to regenerate both historic buildings and other buildings in Limerick.

Please note: Time extension announced in October 2022 for the Living City Initiative, extended to December 2027.

A team has been established by Limerick City and County Council to manage the roll out of the Living City Initiative to regenerate a core part of the city centre.

The team, based in the Limerick City and County Council Urban Innovation Department will manage this revised initiative which offers income tax deductions to people carrying out refurbishment of homes, rental properties, commercial and retail spaces in special regeneration areas of historic Limerick.

Revised Living City Initiative - Tax Incentive

There is a revised Living City Initiative - Tax Incentive in place since 1st January 2017. The revisions incorporate the inclusion of a rented residential element, the removal of floor space restrictions.

The initiative is broken into two parts - Residential and Commercial.

Owner/Occupier Residential Relief 

Owner/Occupier Residential Relief offers an income tax deduction, over seven years, for qualifying expenditure on the refurbishment or conversion of a building for use as a dwelling. To qualify the building must be built before 1915 and be located in one of the Special Regeneration Areas in the city. The residential tax relief is only available to owner/occupiers and is not on offer to landlords.

Rented Residential and Commercial Relief 

Rented Residential and Commercial Relief is given in the form of an accelerated capital allowance for qualifying expenditure on refurbishment or conversion of rented residential and certain commercial premises within the special regeneration areas.

The capital allowance is given at the rate of 15% of qualifying expenditure for each of 6 years and 10% in year 7. In the case of a commercial premises, it must be used after refurbishment/conversion, for retail purposes or for the provision of services within the State, or the premises must be let on bona fide commercial terms for such use.

In the case of a rented residential premises, which must have been originally built prior to 1915, it must be let on bona fide commercial terms, after refurbishment /conversion, for use as a dwelling by the lessee. This relief applies to landlords.

How to Apply?

Those interested in participating in the scheme should read the FAQ document and fill out the application form available below. 

Contact Information

For queries please contact:

Urban Innovation Department
Phone: +353 61 556362

The scheme also includes the centres of five other Irish cities – Dublin, Cork, Galway, Waterford and Kilkenny.​

Click here for more information about Urban innovation Limerick who are spearheading a number of innovative new projects within the urban area.

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