Summary of Social Housing Needs Assessment

In accordance with Section 21 of the Housing (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2009 and Section 6 of the Housing (Traveller Accommodation) Act 1998, Limerick City and County Council has been instructed by the Department of Housing, Planning, Community & Local Government to carry out a Housing Needs Assessment for 2020.

Selected Social Housing Applicants in Limerick will have to declare if they wish to remain on the local authority housing list as part of a Department of Housing, Planning, and Local Government assessment to determine a true and accurate need across the country. Limerick City and County Council will be writing to all relevant applicants in early March, 2020. Each applicant will be requested to confirm their current housing need and will be required to submit the completed application form.

Relevant applicants must return forms or face prospect of losing their place on housing list.

Applicants will also be requested to submit supporting documentation in the event of a change of circumstances since they were last assessed. All applicants must return the FREEPOST form by Friday 20th March 2020.

Anyone receiving a letter must return the completed form and evidence of their income. This can consist of three original pay slips if in employment, or original Department of Social Protection (DSP) payment receipts.

Please note: Under the departmental directive, failure to submit fully completed SSHA 2020 form, along with relevant documentation, will result in the case being closed and the applicant being removed from the housing list.

Those assessed as part of the SSHA in 2019 will not be included this year’s review. Also, all HAP tenants, RAS tenants and applicants for a social housing transfer are also excluded.

All elected representatives have been notified of the Summary of Social Housing Assessment and are encouraged to remind any applicants of its existence and that it is imperative to complete the form and return it to avoid losing their place on the list.

All applicants must return the FREEPOST form by Friday 20th March 2020 to the following address:

Housing Support Services
Limerick City and County Council
Merchant’s Quay

Anyone with questions can contact:
Housing Support Services
Phone: +353 61 557010

This service is provided by

Housing Support Services

Phone +353 61 556000
Limerick City and County Council, Merchant's Quay, Limerick, V94 EH90