Litter and Waste

Litter is any substance or object dropped, dumped or discarded, which is or is likely to become unsightly and which is visible from a public place. Examples include chewing gum, cigarette butts, sweet wrappers, plastic bags and plastic bottles.



Litter and the Law

Under the Litter Pollution Acts 1997-2009, each local authority is given responsibilities regarding litter prevention and control in its functional area. These Acts also outline your responsibilities regarding litter. An on-the-spot fine of €150 can be issued for any breaches of these Acts, or a fine of €4,000 may be imposed if legal proceedings are initiated against you.

You are breaking the law when:

  • You create litter in a public place
  • You present your household waste for collection in a manner that creates litter
  • You own or occupy land visible from a public place and you fail to keep it litter free
  • You burn any materials on your lands including household waste, hedge clippings, tree branches, etc
  • You own or occupy land within a speed limit area and fail to keep footpaths, pavements or grass verges along the road in front of your property litter free
  • You own, hire or drive a vehicle and litter is dropped from it
  • You place household waste into a street litter bin
  • You own or hire a skip and fail to take measures to prevent litter generation
  • You fail to clean up after your dog in public areas
  • You place advertising flyers or notices on vehicles
  • You place unauthorised notices or advertisements on structures such as poles, trees, etc. visible from a public place

In addition to the above offences, as a business owner you are breaking the law when:

  • You create litter due to a business activity, and/or associated with loading, transporting or handling of goods
  • You present your commercial waste for collection in a manner which creates litter
  • You dispose of any waste materials by burning
  • You operate a mobile outlet and fail to provide a litter bin or fail to collect /dispose of litter resulting from your activity

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It's Easy to Make a Difference!

  • Do not litter and don’t tolerate those who do
  • If a litter bin is not in sight when you need one, keep your litter until you see a litter bin or take your litter home with you
  • When out with your dog carry a pooper scooper.  Dog dirt is a public health hazard, it is unsightly and unpleasant. Free pooper scoopers are available from the Environment Section
  • Recycle responsibly! Limerick City and County Council operates civic amenity centres at Kilmallock, Newcastle West, Mungret and a range of recycling bring banks. Never dispose of rubbish at a bring bank
  • Be aware of illegal waste collectors!  If you pay someone to collect your waste, you must ensure that the collector has a valid waste collection permit.  If you pay for waste disposal and it is later found illegally dumped, you are responsible for it.
  • Be part of the solution! Keep the footpath/roadside outside your premises litter free. A small effort by all members of the community can make a huge difference.
  • Get involved! If there is a Tidy Towns Competition, National Spring Clean event or an Anti-Litter Campaign in your area - support it!  If there isn't any, perhaps you can get one going with your neighbours or community association.

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Report a Litter / Waste Incident

To report a litter / waste incident:

Phone: 1800 201151
Please give the exact location of the litter, waste, etc.

Litter/Waste Incident form is available from the supporting documents below.

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