Limerick - European Green Leaf City 2020

Limerick has been awarded the European Green Leaf for 2020. The European Green Leaf Award is a competition aimed at cities and towns across Europe, with populations between 20,000 and 100,000 inhabitants. The award recognises cities’ commitment to better environmental outcomes. Limerick received the European Green Leaf Award 2020, together with Mechelen in Belgium.

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Throughout our European Green Leaf year, Limerick City and County Council will be taking the opportunity to develop a number of environmentally positive projects which, it is hoped, will leave a legacy for Limerick and its people.

While our original plans have had to change because of Covid-19 restrictions, we still plan to deliver a programme of exciting and engaging events to raise awareness and build capacity around environmental issues. In particular we plan to host a wide ranging programme of webinar events on environmental topics such as biodiversity, waste reduction, climate change, rivers and sustainable living. This year allows Limerick an opportunity to really contribute to becoming more sustainable. Be part of the journey!

For more about the Limerick - European Green City click here.