Noise Action Plan 2018-2023 Implementation Update

In January/February 2018 Limerick City and County Council acquired noise modelling software and hardware. As this was an entirely new area of activity for the Council, there was a significant staff training requirement.

The majority of this training has now been delivered and we are in a position to begin the modelling process in the noise hotspots identified in the Noise Action Plan.

We are in the process of collecting the relevant datasets for the Monaleen hotspot (e.g. digital terrain model, building shapes, roads) as this was the one that we undertook to examine first. This will need to be supplemented with on-site data collection and verification regarding issues such as existing barrier details. Latest traffic counts will also be reviewed. It is expected that the noise model for the existing noise environment will be constructed by the end of May 2019.

The model will then need to be calibrated using on-site noise monitoring data. Collecting this on-site monitoring data will require the installation of specialist equipment including a 4m high mast and solar energy power supply in the gardens of some properties. This process is also weather dependent. It is hoped that this monitoring will be carried out between May and June 2019.

Once this data is collected, the model will be finalised. An analysis will then be carried out of potential noise mitigation measures and their effect on predicted noise levels in and around each premises in the hotspot. It is envisaged that this work will be carried out in August 2019/Sept 2019.

Once the above piece of work on the Monaleen hotspot is complete then the Council will begin the assessment of the Ballycummin hotspot.