Domestic Waste Water Sludge Removal

If your home or premises is connected to a domestic waste water treatment system (DWWTS), such as a septic tank, then you should have the sewage sludge removed at appropriate intervals.

This will depend on the size your system and the number of people in the house, but is typically between one and two years (unless otherwise recommended by the manufacturer).

Your system should be emptied by an authorised contractor. As a homeowner, you should get a receipt from the authorised contractor each time your tank is emptied and you should keep the receipt for five years.

For a list of contractors authorised to empty septic tanks and other systems click here.

These contractors are listed by the National Waste Collection Permit Office to collect sewage sludge and operate in the Limerick area.

If you are an authorised contractor and are not on the list but wish to be included,