Tidy Towns Category

Shortlisting of applications may be required in some or all categories of the competition.
This category is open to all groups including those that have entered Tidy Towns and may have various related subcategories. Participants in the Champion’s Category are not eligible to be considered for this category.

Croom Going for Gold

Some of the elements that may be involved in the judging of this category are as follows:

  • Desktop review of all applications
  • Site visits
  • Live 95 interviews and text voting 
  • Visit by Limerick Going for Gold judges

A variety of items will be considered in relation to the judging of this category including:

  • General absence of litter from the areas including approach roads
  • Features of approach roads to area, village or town
  • Welcoming wildlife features
  • Appropriate planting schemes -trees, pollinators, perennials etc
  • Details of additional works undertaken since previous year if applicable
  • Works for which Limerick Going for Gold Environment Grant Aid was provided
  • Application form received
  • Any other aspects that the judges may consider relevant

Judges will consider the following - Litter control, general tidiness and upkeep, pollinator friendly planting, sustainable planting, overall impression, works undertaken/improvements from 2020 (if applicable). Where judges deem it necessary they will provide feedback. As in other years, all aspects of the judges’ decisions will be final.

Judging times: mid August – early-mid September.

Tidy Towns Presentation 2021

Take the advice from the Tidy Town's seminar held earlier this year.