Research Evaluator Tender on the impact of Covid-19 on the Arts and Culture Sector in Limerick

Limerick City and County Council Arts Office is seeking tenders for the services of a Researcher, with the relevant skills and experience to gather data from the sector in Limerick, evaluate and support the integration of this information into policy making.

Rationale and Objectives

  • A new Sub-Committee of the Community, Leisure and Culture Strategic Policy Committee (SPC) on the Recovery of the Arts and Culture Sector in Limerick, following the impact of Covid-19 has been formed
  • This mapping and evaluation exercise will assess the impact of Covid-19 on the sector in Limerick, quantify the challenges and assess the opportunities that have arisen from the pandemic
  • To identify opportunities for sustainability beyond 2021/2022 and identify what sustainability will look like for the Arts and Culture sector.

It will support the Culture and Arts Sub-Committee and inform policy making when considering the recovery of the sector by presenting an evidence based report with recommendations on the delivery of Limerick City and County Council policy in this area.


Culture is part of the global agenda for sustainability and development and is included in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). The Limerick Cultural Strategy: A Framework 2016-2030 and the Limerick Culture and Creativity Strategy 2018-2022 provide the framework for development in Limerick City and County.

The Role

The selected Researcher will report directly to Limerick City and County Council Arts Office, and will work the Arts Officer and staff for the delivery of this project. They will liaise with the Sub-Committee, manage the project and present the research findings to the Sub-Committee. The researcher will be notified of key informants and networks, and encourage Arts and Cultural practitioners to contribute to the research process. Recommendations will be informed by relevant Limerick City and County Council policies and strategies and National reports and policies.


The available fee for the research is €10,000 including researcher’s fees, travel and subsistence expenses, VAT etc. The selected researcher is responsible for declaring his / her income to the Revenue Commissioners.


It is envisaged that the research will begin in December 2021.

Research Evaluator Tender is now closed for applications.

For further information, please contact:

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