About Not Around Us

Not Around Us is about promoting an environment where it is easier for those who smoke to quit and stay quit and to help de-normalise smoking for the next generation. Not Around Us is another step Towards a Tobacco Free Limerick.

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The purpose of Not Around Us

  • Helping to protect children and young people from second-hand smoke exposure
  • Contributing to the de-normalisation of smoking for children and young people
  • Reducing the environmental nuisance, cost of cleaning and damage that discarded tobacco products create 
  • Signposting to HSE Quit services

Overview of Not Around Us

Not Around Us is funded by Healthy Ireland and the HSE.

Not Around Us involves the:

  • Creation of a new brand, Not Around Us
  • Design and production of signage for use in outdoor places and spaces where children and young people are likely to be
  • Launch of Not Around Us the same week as World No Tobacco Day 2019
  • The signage made available to interested early years services and not-for-profit groups and organisations across Limerick city and county. Signage upgraded in Limerick City and County Council managed playgrounds.
  • Not Around Us graphics and resources made available for download from Limerick.ie
  • Ongoing communications



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