Street Events Licensing

Limerick City and County Council is developing an application process which will facilitate street closures for on-street events such as community festivals, street parties and entertainment. Further information and application forms will be available here in due course.

In recognition of the ongoing economic situation, Limerick City and County Council will waive fees for street events applications, however the requirement to submit an application for a license remains. All street events must comply with all Government-issued Covid-19 regulations.

Applications for Temporary closures, Restrictions or Re-allocation of Public Roads, Lanes and Paths

As a result of certain 2021 funding announcements to promote greater use of the outdoor road and street space certain provisions are required.

Any measures proposed that are likely to impact road or pedestrian passage will need to be reviewed by Limerick City and County Council.

Specifically initiatives that anticipate a requirement to close any public road or lane will need to be applied for, well in advance, in order to comply with the statutory legal provisions for consultation prior to any such decision.

In any case initiatives that involve partial closures or restrictive passage of roads or paths will also be subject to the approval of the Roads Authority following consideration of impacts on others.

Applications of a similar nature and location where such applications are proximate enough to have a cumulative impact will need to be considered with regard for each application.

Roads Act 1993 - Section 75 (Road Closures)

As the Roads Authority, Limerick City and County Council will give consideration to applications for temporary road closures, for a specified period, for any purpose, subject to specific conditions, as it thinks fit under the provisions of Section 75 of the Roads Act 1993.

In order for such applications to be considered and to provide for consultation, publication of the intentions and subsequent publications of a decision the initial application needs to be submitted at least six weeks prior to the date of any desired closure commencement. For more information, click here.

Parties that may be interested in the space allocations (roads/ lanes/ paths) associated with street events should, in the first instance, submit an initial expression of interest to with the subject title, ‘Expression of Interest – Street Event’.