Notice Publishing Commencement of Audit: Limerick City and County Council

Notice is hereby given that the audit of the accounts of the above-named local government organisation for the financial year ended on the 31st day of December, 2018 will be commenced by Jo-Anne Greene, Local Government Auditor, on the 14th day of August 2019

In accordance with article 17 of the Local Government (Financial and Audit Procedures) Regulations 2014, objections to any matter or matters contained in the said several accounts will be considered by the Local Government Auditor during the audit.

Written notice of any proposed objection, setting out the relevant particulars and grounds on which it is to be made, should be sent to the above Local Government Auditor at Room 1.38, Custom House, Dublin 1 within ten days of the commencement of the audit.  The annual financial statement will be available during office hours for the inspection of all persons for a period of seven days before the commencement of the audit.

Dated this: 19th day of July

Conn Murray

Chief Executive

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