Do You Own a Vacant Property? Sell or Lease to Limerick City and County Council

Enhanced Scheme as and from 1st February 2018.

Option 1: Repair and Leasing Scheme - 

Do you own a vacant property that needs to be repaired before it can be rented out?

The Government’s enhanced Repair and Leasing Scheme provides upfront financing of up to €40,000 for repairs and improvements to your vacant property or €50,000 where the property is a former bedsit being brought into line with the Standards for Rented Houses. The property can then be leased to your local authority for a period between 5 (reduced from 10) and 20 years to provide much needed accommodation while also providing you with a guaranteed rental income.

Option 2: Buy and Renew Scheme - 

The Buy and Renew Scheme enables Limerick City and County Council to buy and refurbish long term vacant property (minimum 1 year) and make them available for social housing use.

Further information can be found at, or contact us at 061 556393/061 557140 or at

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