‘Stay Safe Stay Right’ – new initiative asking public to walk on right hand side of roadway while out exercising

  • Shannon and Sarsfield Bridges Map - Stay Safe Stay Right

As part of a series of initiatives to encourage and promote social/ physical distancing, Limerick City and County Council has launched a pilot scheme asking members of the public to walk on the right hand side of the roadway or the path on the right while out exercising.

The pilot area is the loop from Sarsfield Bridge, along the Quays’ Boardwalk, across Shannon Bridge and onto O’Callaghan Strand.

Members of the public are asked to ‘Stay Safe Stay Right’, by walking on the footpaths on the right hand side of the road in whatever direction they are travelling.

For example, if a member of the public is walking along O’Callaghan Strand from Shannon Bridge towards Sarsfield Bridge, they will walk on the footpath closest to the river (Inner Loop - clockwise direction).

If they are walking in the opposite direction, they will be on the footpath on the other side of the road, closest to the buildings (Outer Loop - anti-clockwise direction).

The same will go for the boardwalk along the quays, while pedestrians will use the footpath on the right hand side while walking over the bridges.

The intention is that pedestrians will all be walking in the same direction around the loop, making it easier for them to practice social/ physical distancing.

‘Stay Safe Stay Right’ signage and path markings have been erected at intervals along the loop as a reminder to pedestrians and others on the route.

Limerick City and County Council will monitor the pilot scheme and evaluate its effectiveness before any expansion, if any, of the ‘Stay Safe Stay Right’ initiative.

The Council is also calling on all road and path users to be courteous and conscious of others while walking or running.

As always Limerick City and County Council is reminding people to be Covid-19 aware and to follow all the guidance/ direction of the government and the health experts.

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