Partnership between council and community groups and volunteers helping to eliminate litter blackspots

  • Limerick City Riverfront

The Mayor of the City and County of Limerick has thanked those involved in keeping Limerick clean following the release of the latest IBAL Litter Survey. It shows that Limerick City Centre has regained its ‘Clean to European Norms’ status, while Limerick City South - Galvone has improved its standing immensely.

Mayor Michael Sheahan said the grades received are the result of the hard work and commitment of those involved in keeping the streets of Limerick clean of litter.

For Limerick City Centre, there were mostly A grades across the board apart from Cecil Street, Clare Street and Ellen Street, where the survey noted accumulations of rubbish, but overall the city centre is in very good condition and creates a positive image.

In relation to Limerick City South - Galvone, where it was judged as ‘Littered’, it is very important to note that ‘A’ Grades were given to Kennedy Park/ Rathuard Road, Childers Road, Galvone Road, Roxboro Shopping Centre, with B+ and B grades for Roxboro Road, Rathbane, O’Malley Park/ Churchfield and Bawnmore Road.

The two areas, which were deemed littered were Galvone Business Park and the Recycle Bank at Roxboro Shopping Centre. These were areas where illegal dumping has taken place and despite it being removed and the area cleaned, there is a cohort of people who will continue to act illegally and dump their rubbish, devaluing the work of their neighbours, families and others in their community.

Mayor of the City and County of Limerick Cllr Michael Sheahan said: “I would like to commend the staff of Limerick City and County Council, community groups, residents’ associations and individual volunteers for their hard work and commitment to keeping Limerick clean. It is disappointing though to see that their fellow citizens feel they have the right to discard their rubbish indiscriminately. Littering affects us all but it seems that it is being committed by a small portion of the population. I would appeal to those to help keep their communities and Limerick litter free and dispose of their rubbish in a proper manner.”

“I would also like to appeal to property owners to make sure their areas are clean and litter free. It doesn’t cost a lot in terms of money or time to clean up but the overall benefit for Limerick is invaluable.”

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