Operation to recover illegally occupied bay in Limerick Halting Site

  • Limerick City and County Council

Limerick City and County Council undertook an operation to recover a halting site bay in Clonlong Halting Site, Galvone, Limerick, which had been occupied illegally. Following a Circuit Court ruling, Limerick City and County Council organised a multi-agency operation, which involved the hiring of a specialist bailiff company to assist in the recovery.

The legal proceedings were taken after the bay had been occupied illegally and despite numerous calls by the council for the bay to be vacated, the calls went unheeded.

The operation involved the removal of the mobile home and the installation of a wall, blocking off the bay and incorporating the site back into the Galvone Industrial Estate.

Limerick City and County Council regretted having to undertake this operation but it was necessary for the health and safety and general quality of life of those living in the halting site and surrounding areas.

As the operation was about to get underway, representatives of the specific family agreed that they would move the mobile home of their own accord and vacate the bay, ahead of the construction of a new perimeter wall.

Limerick City and County Council is pleased that the family will now comply with the court order and vacate the site.

The removal of the specific bay is part of the overall redesign and improvement of Clonlong Halting Site.

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