New faces to mix with old as new Limerick City and County Council is elected

A mixture of the old with the new is one of the most striking features of the newly elected Limerick City and County Council.

A marathon 20-hour count, including one recount, finally revealed the forty councillors who will be the public representatives of the people of Limerick for the next five years.

Sixteen first time councillors have been elected, in addition to one who is returning to the fold after losing out on retaining his seat in 2014.

Limerick City and County Council New Councillors Parties
Party composition of the new Limerick City and County Council

A total of eight women have been elected (six of whom are first time councillors), the same number as in the outgoing council, while 10 of the male councillors are new including the first ever Muslim to be elected to Limerick City and County Council, Abul Kalam Azad Talukder (FF).

FG’s John Egan has regained his seat that he lost out in 2014, while 23 of the outgoing 33 councillors contesting the election were returned.

The first meeting of the new Limerick City and County Council will take place in the Council Chambers, Dooradoyle on Friday 7 June 2019 at 3pm when a new Mayor of the City and County of Limerick will be elected.

LEA Name Party
Adare-Rathkeale Bridie Collins FF
Adare-Rathkeale Stephen Keary FG
Adare-Rathkeale Emmet O'Brien NP
Adare-Rathkeale Richard O'Donoghue NP
Adare-Rathkeale Kevin Sheahan FF
Adare-Rathkeale Adam Teskey FG
Cappamore-Kilmallock PJ Carey NP
Cappamore-Kilmallock Michael Donegan FF
Cappamore-Kilmallock John Egan FG
Cappamore-Kilmallock Gerald Mitchell FG
Cappamore-Kilmallock Eddie Ryan FF
Cappamore-Kilmallock Martin Ryan FF
Cappamore-Kilmallock Brigid Teefy NP
Limerick City East Sean Hartigan GP
Limerick City East Sarah Kiely FG
Limerick City East Michael Murphy FG
Limerick City East Jerry O'Dea FF
Limerick City East Elena Secas LAB
Limerick City East Michael Sheahan FG
Limerick City East Catherine Slattery FF
Limerick City North Sharon Benson SF
Limerick City North John Costelloe SF
Limerick City North Frankie Daly NP
Limerick City North Brian Leddin GP
Limerick City North Kieran O'Hanlon FF
Limerick City North Olivia O'Sullivan FG
Limerick City North Conor Sheehan LAB
Limerick City West Daniel Butler FG
Limerick City West James Collins FF
Limerick City West Fergus Kilcoyne NP
Limerick City West Joe Leddin LAB
Limerick City West Dan McSweeney FG
Limerick City West Elisa O'Donovan SD
Limerick City West Abul Kalam Azad Talukder FF
Newcastle West Michael Collins FF
Newcastle West Francis Foley FF
Newcastle West Liam Galvin FG
Newcastle West Tom Ruddle FG
Newcastle West Jerome Scanlan FG
Newcastle West John Sheahan FG

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