Mayor Welcomes New Jobs Announcement for Limerick

  • Bath Fitter

The Mayor of the City and County of Limerick Cllr Michael Collins has welcomed the announcement that Bath Fitter, North America’s leading bathroom refurbishment company is to establish its European Business Development Centre in East Point Business Park, Limerick.

Mayor Michael Collins said: “This announcement is a ray of light set against the cloud of uncertainty brought about by Covid-19. Bath Fitter is an expert in its field and I am delighted that it has chosen Limerick for its first such facility outside of the USA and Canada.”

“Limerick prides itself in having a welcoming and nurturing environment for companies looking to invest here, with all local and state agencies working together as a team to ensure success. That, along with an experienced, educated and talented workforce, gives Limerick the edge over other parts of the country.”

“I wish Bath Fitter every success in the coming months and years in Limerick.”

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