Information on Plebiscite on Directly Elected Mayor with Executive Functions

  • Limerick City and County Council

This Friday 24 May 2019, the people of Limerick City and County Council’s administrative area are being asked to vote in a plebiscite for a Mayor with executive functions for Limerick City and County.

A Mayor with Executive Functions would be directly elected by the people.

The Plebiscite vote is in addition to the European and Local Elections and the Referendum on Divorce taking place on the same day.

The ballot paper for the Plebiscite will be pink.

Under the Government’s proposal, a Directly Elected Mayor would have a significant amount of the executive functions (duties and responsibilities) currently held by the Council’s Chief Executive.

The Directly Elected Mayor would:

  • Be responsible for a significant amount of the executive functions currently the responsibility of a Chief Executive
  • Prepare and oversee delivery of a ‘Programme of Office’, ‘Corporate Plan’ and ‘Annual Service Delivery Plan’
  • Be responsible for ensuring that the Chief Executive implements the Council’s plans effectively
  • Act on behalf of the Council in legal actions
  • Chair the joint policing committee
  • Represent the entire local authority area locally, nationally and internationally

A Directly Elected Mayor would submit a proposed five-year policy programme and the annual budget to the elected council for approval.

The existing position of Mayor would no longer exist.

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