Elaina Fitzgerald appointment as IHF president welcomed by Mayor

The Mayor of the City and County of Limerick Cllr Michael Sheahan has said that the appointment of Limerick hotelier Elaina Fitzgerald Kane as President of the Irish Hotels Federation is not just another proud benchmark for one of the county’s top hospitality sector families, but beneficial also for Limerick.

Said Mayor Sheahan: “It’s no surprise to anyone who has followed Elaina’s own career but, beyond that, has noted the Fitzgerald family footprint on the hospitality industry over decades, that we would see Elaina elected to this office.

“Her mother Mary was the first female President of the IHF and they have become the first mother/daughter to hold the title. They are, therefore, trailblazers not alone in their industry but in terms of gender equality.

“Elaina, who is a Brand Ambassador for Limerick’s new brand, and her family are incredibly proud Limerick people. They epitomise all that is good about our county - the warm Limerick welcome, passion for what they do, quality service and honesty and humility. 

“It’s a mix that makes Limerick a special place and having Elaina now as president of the IHF will put additional spotlight on those qualities, on what we are about. I’ve no doubt in her role as President of the IHF, she will be flying the Limerick flag proudly and I look forward to supporting her in any way we can over the coming years.”

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