Contact and Collect service at 4 Limerick Libraries from Tuesday 9th June

  • Dooradoyle Library
  • Library Watch House Cross (Pic Brian Arthur)
  • Kilmallock Library
  • Newcastle West Library

From Tuesday 9th June a 'Contact and Collect' service will commence at Dooradoyle, Watch House Cross, Kilmallock and Newcastle West libraries. This will allow library members to pre-order and collect books, audio books and DVDs at any of these four branches between the hours of 10am to 1pm and 2pm to 4pm, Tuesday to Friday.

What services will we available from 9th June?

A 'Contact and Collect' service will commence from Tuesday 9th June at the following libraries:

  • Dooradoyle
  • Watch House Cross
  • Kilmallock
  • Newcastle West

This will allow library members to pre-order and collect books, audio books and DVDs at any of these four branches between the hours:

Tuesday to Friday: 10am -1pm and 2pm - 4pm

How do I avail of these services?

All you need to do is contact us by phone or email at the contacts listed below and let us know what your reading interests are. We will then make a selection for you. You will be allocated a 'collection time' to pick up your books, audio books or DVDs at the library’s entrance area.

Contact Details

Dooradoyle Library  I  Email:  I Phone: 061-556860

Watch House Cross Community Library  I  Email:  I  Phone: 061- 557726

Kilmallock Library  I  Email:  I  Phone: 061- 556160

Newcastle West Library  I  Email:  I  Phone: 069-62273


Can I return books I have on loan?

Stock currently on loan to members of the public may be returned to these 4 branches. When it is returned it will be placed in special sealed containers and quarantined for 72 hours before it can be handled by staff, checked in or re-loaned to the public.

Can I enter these 4 libraries?

Public access to these 4 libraries will not be allowed during this period. The focus will be on a phased re-opening of library services rather than re-opening library buildings in line with the Government road map to re-open the country.

As the public cannot enter the building during this phase, computer services, printing and photocopying will not be available.

Will the online library service continue?

The hugely popular and successful online service providing free access to eBooks, newspapers, magazines, local history, language learning, courses and online storytime will continue to be provided.

What is the position with the remaining branch libraries?

The remaining branch libraries, including the Granary Library will not provide a 'Contact and Collect' service during the first phase.

At National level there is an agreement that each Local Authority will pilot a number of branches and use the experience and knowledge gained to inform the rolling out of the service to other branches.

In the case of the Granary Library the fact that it is part of a multi-storey building, with no direct library street access, no separate staff entrances and shared with key essential services including H.A.P. and the Finance section, it is considered safer to include it in a later phase.

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