Air Testing to be carried out in Vale Avenue, Carew Park

  • Limerick City and County Council

As part of the thermal upgrade programme, Limerick City and County Council is to conduct a series of air tests in Vale Avenue, Carew Park beginning this Friday (10 November 2017).

The testing is being carried out following a survey which has detected asbestos material contained within fire resistant packing rope in the hot press area and attic space of the houses.

Asbestos was used extensively in building materials in Ireland and internationally up until the late 1990s, due to its insulating, sound absorbing, and fire retarding capabilities. Almost all buildings constructed before the year 2000 are likely to have some asbestos containing material.

Intact and undisturbed asbestos materials do not pose a health risk. However, asbestos can become a concern if they are damaged, deteriorate over time or are otherwise disturbed.

Limerick City and County Council has decided to remove the asbestos material.

The local authority is liaising closely with the HSE in relation to the issue.

The first stage of the process is air testing, followed by a temporary sealing off of the area, removal of the asbestos material and a follow-up air test.

Letters explaining the situation, along with a HSE information leaflet, have been hand delivered to the residents in Vale Avenue, Carew Park.

The letter outlines the steps Limerick City and County Council are taking in order to remove the asbestos, while officials from the local authority will be present to further explain the process.

Specialist consultants and accredited contractors, who are experienced in the removal of asbestos, have been engaged to oversee and complete the necessary removal activities.

Click here for HSE Information Leaflet.

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