Additional spending of €1.15m on local services as councillors vote for Local Property Tax increase

Local Property Tax for 2020 will rise by between 13c and 45c per week for majority of Limerick households.

Limerick City and County Council will ringfence an additional €1.15 million for new plant machinery, urban and rural renewal across Limerick and the General Municipal Allocation for elected representatives following a decision by councillors to increase the Local Property Tax for 2020 by an additional 7.5 per cent on 2019 levels.

The additional money will be spent on new plant machinery for the upkeep of Limerick’s roads including two velocity patchers, a telehandler, four lorries which can be adapted for use as salt and grit spreaders during the winter months, three road sweepers and tar sprayers.

Extra funding will also be provided to tackle dereliction and vacancies, public realm improvements and matching funding required for large scale transformational regeneration projects under the URDF and RRDF government schemes, which there will also be an increase in the amount of money for councillors under the General Municipal Allocation.

Limerick homeowners will see a small change in their Local Property Tax (LPT) bills after councillors voted in favour of the additional 7.5% increase over 2019 levels at the September meeting of Limerick City and County Council this afternoon [Mon 23 Sept 2019].

The changes which will come into effect in 2020 are:


Value of Property

% of properties in Limerick

Increase on 2019 LPT (per week)


0 – 100,000


13 cent


100,001 - 150,000


32 cent


150,001 - 200,000


45 cent


200,001 - 250,000


58 cent


250,001 - 300,000

71 cent

06 +




Every year the LPT automatically returns to the base rate with councillors able to alter the LPT by between ±15% of the baseline rate.

So while councillors have voted for a 15% increase, the effective increase is only 7.5% over 2019 levels.

The LPT in Limerick accounts for around 11% of the Council’s budget income. The other main contributors are Commercial Rates (33%), Grants & Subsidies (26%), Goods & Services (30%).

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