Design And Delivery Department

This department is responsible for the delivery of capital infrastructure for the organisation; including housing, roads etc and other capital projects. Property Services covers the acquisition, disposal, protection and management of all Council land and buildings. This is a corporate or council wide service with a multi disciplinary team for the design and delivery of larger elements of infrastructure for the local authority.

Projects are activated once the decision and funding has been decided by a directorate and in particular the 3 strategic directorates dealing with Economic, Community and Physical Development. It includes roads capital projects, new build of houses, offices or other buildings, development of new parks and open spaces and large scale or non routine renewal or refurbishment programmes. It does not include maintenance works which are dealt with by Operations & Maintenance Services. It is also the role of Design & Delivery to create frameworks or panels of consultants/contractors, which may be used for works of different scales. This department also includes support and assistance on procurement of goods and services. It also includes Archaeology Services.

Phone +353 61 556000
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