Get Involved

The project partners will need your assistance with:

  • Access to the building through a dedicated contact person as appointed by Limerick 2030;
  • Information about energy consumption of your building (electricity and gas) for the last 12 to 36 months, if available;
  • Details about building construction, layout and usage patterns;
  • Showcasing your building in promotional activities related the project;
  • Getting involved in an energy trading platform that will be developed during the project, subject to your consideration, review and approval;
  • Attend community engagement events that will be run in the Citizens Observatory.

What's in it for you?

Access to project the materials and platforms;

  • A high-level energy assessment based on the energy usage data;
  • A detailed energy assessment based on the detailed building layout, construction and usage patterns;
  • Recommendations for interventions that will reduce the energy consumption of your building;
  • Expert advice on the financial instruments available at your disposal to increase the energy efficiency of your building e.g. through retrofitting;
  • Expert advice on how to access funding for installation of renewable energy sources e.g. PV (solar) panels, solar thermal, heat-pumps, etc.;
  • Access to a Limerick Energy Champions Network and events organised to tackle climate change in Limerick;
  • Access to any other relevant information, tools or technology developed as part of the +CityxChange Project.

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