Get Involved

There are several ways to engage in the +CityxChange project.

We need the help of residents, businesses and property owners in the Georgian neighbourhood to better understand how energy is being used in the area. This will allow us to identify the best areas to target for energy-related interventions. We hope to work with the residents and owners of the area to install renewable energy sources (solar panels, as one example) and connect these sources to collectively harness the energy they generate.  

If you are an owner, tenant, business or resident in this area, we would be grateful if you would share some information about your energy use. 

Please take five minutes to fill out the Georgian Neighbourhood Survey.

The +Cityxchange project seeks to work collaboratively with citizens to co-create a Limerick we all want to live in. Throughout the year there are ongoing engagement activities; City Engage Weeks, Open Innovation Calls and the positive Energy Champions Campaign.

For more information or to join our mailing list please contact

Click here for more information about Urban innovation Limerick who are spearheading a number of innovative new projects within the urban area.