Project 8: Integrate Seamless eMobility within the DPEB

Global energy use has two major vectors in (i) buildings, which have approx. 40% of total primary energy demand and (ii) transportation, which account for approx. 28% of total primary energy demand. The +CityxChange Seamless eMobility Platform and frontend is a Mobility-asa- Service (MaaS) solution that enables transport from A to B utilizing either public transport, personal transport by shared EVs and/or E-Bikes, or a mixture of several/all transport modes.

+CityxChange (Positive City Exchange) Limerick

This new innovative solution, will ultimately contribute to the increase of Electric Vehicles in cities around Europe.

A considerable number of EVs will require charging, but can also participate to the DPEB by returning energy that is assumed not to be needed, thereby reducing that EVs’ range temporarily.

Such returned energy from EVs can be used to “top up” the DPEBs energy needs. This concept is known as Vehicle to Grid (V2G) or Vehicle to Building (V2B), both of which will be explored through this project.