+CityxChange Dashboards

Welcome to the +CityxChange Dashboards. As part of the +CityxChange project our partners, Future Analytics (FAC), Space Engagers (SE), Integrated Environmental Solutions (IES) have created three interactive dashboards that will increase our understanding of the project, and allow citizens to input information and facilitate decision making about the transition to a positive energy future.

IES - Georgian Neighbourhood – 3D Model

As part of the project, a 3D model of the Georgian Neighbourhood has been created by IES to enable the Limerick community to visualise the energy use and carbon emissions across their city. Alongside energy consumption data, the platform will provide real-time information on renewable energy generation and storage.

FAC – Evaluation and Monitoring

Future Analytics have designed a place where you can see the progress being made towards a more energy efficient city as part of the +CityxChange project. The +CityxChange data dashboard was developed as part of FACs smart online tools, and provides a solution for capturing and managing data and information generated during implementation of the project. This means we can measure and visualise reduction in energy consumption, air pollution and citizen engagement, which in turn really helps with decision making on the project.

The tiles/ boxes in the dashboard can be clicked to show status of the project. When you click a tile, for example, Enabling DPEBS (Distributed Positive Energy Blocks), the user is redirected to a more detailed status update using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). This gives you more information about the progress of the project.

Space Engagers – Flexible Mapping Tool

This crowd-sourced mapping app is a flexible and open tool which can be used by participating groups as part of an Innovation Playground. It allows people to share knowledge about a particular location, to observe and identify specific features of an area, or to collaborate on sense-making as part of the +CityxChange project.