Goals and Objectives

Increased Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency will be the starting point of our goal to become a low carbon city. There will be great challenges, and opportunities for citizens and businesses to benefit from the infrastructural changes in buildings, transport and energy services.

Positive Energy Block (PEB)

A Positive Energy Block (PEB) is a designated zone of more than 3 buildings that has the capacity to annually produce more energy than it consumes. The block may benefit from a renewable energy resource(s) located adjacent to the block, producing renewable energy dedicated for the PEB.

Smart Energy Grid

Smart Metering and Smart Energy Grids are part of the energy infrastructure in a low carbon city. The smart energy grid will enable local citizens to take more control over their energy use, to participate in how energy is generated, stored and distributed at a local level.

Electric Mobility as a Service (EMaaS)

The use of fossil fuels for transport is a significant contributor to climate change and poor air quality in cities. Electrification of various modes of transport will make a significant contribution to addressing the quality of life for city dwellers, and help business to reduce their carbon footprints. Electric Mobility as a Service, together with a range of low carbon transport initiatives will be piloted in Limerick to support the cities low carbon transition.