Spotlight On Catherine Duffy, General Manager of Northern Trust Limerick

  • Catherine Duffy, General Manager of Northern Trust Limerick
Catherine Duffy, General Manager of Northern Trust Limerick's Q&A with Catherine Duffy, General Manager of Northern Trust Limerick.

What attracted you to work at Northern Trust?

In 2000 Ulster Bank Investment Services (UBIS) was taken over by Northern Trust, I had been working in UBIS since 1990.

How was the transition for you moving from Dublin to Limerick?

Seamless – once my family settled in I was fine. My children were young when we moved to Limerick so once the girls started school all was good.

What advice would you give to others considering a move here?

Do it. Limerick is a great place to live, work, learn and visit. Everything is in this city, great nights out and superb educational facilities are throughout Limerick.

Northern Trust has been in Limerick now for 10 years, how has the company benefited from being based here?

Look at all the great staff we now have working in Northern Trust – they are coming to us from 13 different counties. Our growth success is a global story for Limerick in Northern Trust.

Catherine Duffy, president of Limerick Chamber 2015/2016
Catherine Duffy is the 2015/2016 president of Limerick Chamber
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Northern Trust has been in Limerick now for 10 years will employ 1,000 staff by 2017

What has the expansion of Northern Trust been like?

Superb, fast, furious, successful and by no means over.

Are you on track for the 1,000 employees at City East Plaza by 2017? This must be a significant vote of confidence in Limerick by senior global management?

We certainly are on track and based on the great work done in Northern Trust Limerick and seen around the globe by management this growth will continue.

What does senior management see in Limerick that has led to it becoming a focus of ongoing incremental expansion?

Dedication, a caring workforce, expertise, reliance, fun and a can-do attitude from staff.

What upcoming plans can you share?

2017 will see more growth of business for us hence we will need more staff. Watch this space.

You’re the current president of Limerick Chamber. What attracted you to this role?

One of my first priorities when I moved to Limerick was to get to know the wider Limerick world and be involved in the heart of Limerick – so very much the Chamber helped me with this.

What has your time as Chamber President taught you?

What a great place Limerick is to be in. There is a fantastic Board in the Chamber, a very active one and everyone is working for the good of the region.

As a person who works on an international scale, how is Limerick seen outside of the country as a place to invest?

Limerick is a great place to invest in – the city and its environs are changing and change is good and should be embraced – the fantastic education facilities in Limerick ensure our grads are top of their game, current and ready to go.

How confident are you that Limerick will be able to ride the Brexit rollercoaster?

Very confident – look at our dynamic workforce and the can-do attitude in the region.

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